Hello, we’re Electra.

You are probably looking for a solution to a problem, or you wouldn’t be here. Urgent demands keep you from doing what you do best.

If one of those demands involves communicating with your customers or potential customers, we’d like to help. Our clients tell us that’s what we do best.

Clients say we help them reach people. We help cut through the noise, and deliver the signal.

We’re small enough to take a personal interest in our clients. We work to make our clients look good, to make their work with us rewarding.

Our clients work directly with the people doing the work – they talk, we listen. We’re curious and creative, and develop multiple solutions to the challenge.

It all boils down to saving clients money, and creating value for them.

Let’s talk. We’d like to help. If we’re not the right group, we might be able to connect you with the group who can.



We've been helping clients tell their own unique stories for a while now. We have broad skill sets, and can visualize multiple communication streams in order to maximize results.

People like working with us, and remain confident that we'll look after all the details.

We like to finish well, so our clients look like stars.



Clients know they can benefit from our diverse design skill sets, communications and technology experience. We are comfortable designing projects as big as a billboard, as complex as an enormous website, or as refined as an annual report.

We'll define the project clearly, and then 'use the right tool for the job'.


We are really comfortable with technology, so when we see something new and exciting, we don't say "Wow!", we just say "How?"

Constant curiosity and an analytical mindset lead to novel solutions that have others saying "Wow!"


We are all avid readers, and comfortable with the written word. We look for grammar, syntax and spelling issues, and politely suggest alternatives.

If you need a writer, we know several good professionals.


Oftentimes, it can be a challenge to coordinate a project that involves several people from your organization. Electra often acts as a 'hub', organizing project-related communications and to-dos.


We love what we do!

Take away problems, make communication easier, create well-designed goods that can benefit others— that is a fine way to spend your time.

We value our long-term relationships, and clients often become friends.

Something must be right.



Everyone at Electra has taken years of design and technology training at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Sheridan or Mohawk College.

We love going to conferences that specialize in design and web technologies. Especially in cities with good baseball teams.


Both of our principles, Michelle and Bob Edmonds, taught design in the precedent-setting Computer Graphics program at Sheridan College.

Bob ran that program for a number of years, and also taught at McMaster University.

Business History

From the start In 1988, Electra has been design-centric, client-focused, and fully computerized. Once we had a lot of employees; then we got smart and 'grew small'.

Same owners, same quality, same approach. We never wanted to be the biggest—only the best.

Client List

We've been privileged to work with some great people and great companies. Take a look at our Who's Who.


Michelle Edmonds

Michelle designs print and websites, and manages everythng, so we're all on the same page with our client.

Funny, and a great crafter, she is happiest when making things for people.

Robert Edmonds

Bob designs visuals and he designs code - "The code is the visual," he likes to say. An interface whiz, he spends his free time playing mandolin and Irish bouzouki.

Lynne Desjardins

Lynne is a talented designer, and fully bilingual. She is also very quiet and very hard-working,

In both official languages.

Gordon Neufeld

Associate Gordon Neufeld is a modern inventor. He combines popular trends with current challenges to arrive at innovative solutions, long before there's a buzz.

His fresh thinking has sparked programs and approaches to benefit a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Unknown Programmer

Unknown Programmer

So good, we have to keep his identity a secret. Let's just say that it's a treat to co-develop with a professional that balances best practices with realistic scenarios.


Over Time

30 years in design—
25 years of design experience with computers—
20 years a successful business that designs with and for computers—

and we still love it!

Clients Teach Us...

We get called into some of the most interesting places and situations you can imagine. We love to learn, so that makes this a great job. And the more we learn about a subject, the more enthused we become.

All About...

Let's see... where have we been? In a nuclear reactor, pharma plants, artists' studios, research labs of all kinds, a Mennonite church, backstage at the banks, wineries, respiratory clinics, concrete plants, cosmetic training facilties, newspaper printing plants, emergency rooms, Tim Horton's donut development lab...

So Many Subjects

And we've learned about child psychology, drug therapies, isotopes, religion, banking, nephrology, pottery, respirology, emergency medicine, history, construction, painting, bullying, pediatrics, surgery, genomics, textile arts, epidemiology, medical gases, clinical trials, infectious diseases, donuts...

But Wait! There's More!

Oh, and retail pharmacy, stainless steel, teller training, obgyn, the real estate business behind the scenes, wines, fibre optics, acoustic switching, nursing, pharmacology, CD manufacturing, gastroenterology, cosmetics and how to sell them...

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Michelle Edmonds

Bob Edmonds




Our Chinese friends told us that this was a very lucky number.

So we've kept it for 20+ years, and have not been disappointed.

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